Friday, March 8, 2013


Let me just start off by saying three things.

1. I am one of those girls who says they're 'from Philly' when they are really from 45 minutes outside of the city. However, I now am a new resident of Philadelphia since November, currently residing in the Fairmount neighborhood. I am loving my life but also complain more times than not about how I have no money. Yes, I am one of those girls. But really, I have no money.

2. I never win anything. I guess I shouldn't say that- I win things. But in terms of random contest winning, I don't. I've sat through countless raffles and 50-50 drawings with no luck. The last thing I can think of getting randomly chosen for was the traumatic drug test after a basketball game my junior year of college. So even the things I do get chosen for are not fun.

3. I have never written a blog in my life. I have actually been anti-blog for the most part of my life. I laugh in the face of blog writers. But here we are.

I hope by starting off with those statements you will appreciate my story a little bit more. The other night after leaving my weekly spin class I found a voicemail on my phone. Seeing the random number I figured it was a someone trying to sell me something (by the way since when did telemarketers start getting our cell phone numbers?). I listened to the voicemail 7 times before I processed what was happening to me. Kristen (god bless her soul) from the Center City District had called to tell me that I won their Restaurant Week Contest. She nonchalantly follows with letting me know that I have won 52 $50 gift cards to restaurants throughout the city. Fifty Two Fifty Dollar Gift Cards. Process. One dinner out once a week for a year. A YEAR. I immediately starting crying and called my mother, "MOM YOU WILL NEVER BELIEVE THIS...". The next call was to my sister, Regan, also my roommate. She quickly advised me not to tell too many people in fear that we will attract clingers. The next text was to my boyfriend, Brendan, working mid game at the Flyers. The text read: "Brendan. OMG. If you could step away and call me for actually one minute please do it. It's urgent". Clearly, I got a call pretty quickly. So as you can all see- this is close to the best thing that has ever happened to me. In. My. Life.

After a suggestion from a friend, I thought that I would attempt to write a blog to take you all through my journey of experiencing 52 restaurants in Philadelphia. Dining at its finest. I will also be having a weigh-in every blog post (just kidding....).

To Come: Pictures, Experiences, Food Critiques By Someone Who Knows Nothing About Food. 

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