Saturday, March 16, 2013

#1: RAW Sushi & Saki Lounge

RAW. Wasn't sure if I was going to a WWE match or going out for sushi.

Interesting first choice you might say- but being a good Catholic girl and not eating meat on Fridays I decided to take my sister, Regan here for my first restaurant outing. Let me just say this place is, in a word, swanky. We felt super chic walking in to this red & black ambiance of a sushi restaurant. We started off with a shrimp and lobster spring roll, which was so small it may not have satisfied a mouse. It was tasty, and it was free so who can really complain? We then ordered our rolls. I have to say I am slightly boring when it comes to ordering sushi, but Regan takes the cake. Always Shrimp Tempura & California Roll. Always. I went with the Dragon Roll & the Spicy Tuna. I kind of fell in love. I can't say that I am a sushi aficionado in the least, but I thoroughly enjoyed this sushi. It rivals Doma. Rivals being the key word, but I'm partial.

During the meal we realized how amazing this prize is because we are going to get to experience a ton of restaurants that we never would have tried otherwise. Example 1 being RAW. The overall meal and feel of this place was good. We had a great time. I mostly enjoyed trying to watch my sister use chopsticks & failing miserably. I would definitely go back, with a gift card. 2 glasses of wine + 1 app + 4 sushi rolls= $65.00. I prefer the BYOB sushi places because $10 for a glass of chard is way too classy for me.

51 more to go people!!

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