Saturday, March 23, 2013

#2 Public House

I feel like I am really letting down the 12 blog followers that I have. My first pick was a traditional sushi place and my second pick was Public House. Could I be any more predictable? But being an avid NCAA Tournament fan, I realized that the majority of the restaurants on my list were not so conducive to game watching. After actually googling, I came to the conclusion that most of these places are faaanncyy, like very fancy. Like $50 entrees fancy. So when going down the list to see where I could watch Villanova, Public House was one of my only options. So I apologize, I will start to pick up the pace soon enough.

I've never gone to Public House to eat. Believe me, I've had my share of late nights there, but never sat down to watch games and eat. The atmosphere was just what we were looking for. A lot of happy hour goers and a few groups sitting at tables. There was a huge screen TV right in front of our table so that satisfied us. There was also a DJ playing music, but not loud enough to stifle conversation. Which led us to have really riveting and intelligent conversations. Like my sister and my friend and old college teammate, Colleen, agreeing that they couldn't date a guy who didn't fill out a bracket for the tournament.  Or guys who wear running sneakers with jeans. I think the girl talk started to rub off on my boyfriend because he actually said "I'm happy I went with the side salad because I'm watching my figure".

As far as the meal goes we started off with nachos which were absolutely the best part of the meal. Colleen and I got the Cobb Salad, which we both liked. Regan got the Cesear Salad and said it was standard. "Not worth ten dollars". Brendan got a burger and a side salad. Burger was slightly undercooked. Once again we agreed this place was overpriced for bar food. I feel like maybe we're just cheap?

Thanks to PH for their hospitality and giving in to my annoying requests to make sure the Nova game was playing at all times on the big screen. They lost, typical. At this point my bracket is twice as red as it is green but 'it's still early!'

Decent food, good drinks, good friends.  2 down 50 to go!!

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