Friday, February 14, 2014

#28: Time

Yesterday was my 6th snow day of the year, and Brendan's 1st. Selling Flyers tickets apparently qualifies him as essential personnel- but not yesterday! So we decided to brave the city streets in the 8 inches of snow.

We were planning on going to Oyster House for their happy hour special, but they were closed, so we ended up at McGillans. I feel like we always somehow find ourselves there. We stayed for a few drinks (pitchers, maybe) and then headed to Time for dinner.

 For all of you who think Time is simply a late night spot to rage and dance in the sweaty upstairs bar room, you are wrong. This place is a hidden gem. The food was marvelous. And I can say with almost certainty that it was not just the PBR pitchers talking.

We just ordered off the bar menu, and started with the Mussels. Basic mussels sauce- white wine, tomatoes, garlic, but just simply amazing. I'm salivating right now as I type this and it is 10AM in the morning. This was Brendan's first time trying mussels, ever, and he said "why did you never make me eat mussels before?" Win!

Brendan got the Burger- bacon, jack cheese, onions fries. I got the Fried Chicken Sandwich with apple and cabbage slaw, chili mayo, fries. I can't say enough about this apple slaw. It made the sandwich. Ate the entire thing. I can say that that was probably a result of the PBR pitcher.

The best thing about Time last night had to be the atmosphere. It was slightly comical, actually. There was a drunk, drunk girl sitting on the other end of the bar with a guy who she made very clear was not her boyfriend. Something about something with her sister? Who knows, but she provided the entertainment for the night. In addition to that show, we also were serenaded by a one man band who turned Top 40 hits into a slow songs.. he reminded us of the wedding singer from The Hangover.

Great impression of Time last night, I enjoyed the bar scene as well as the food. Highly recommend if you are looking for a bar atmosphere type restaurant.  Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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