Monday, May 6, 2013

#7 Devil's Alley

Devil's Alley was probably the best place from my list to go to after the Broad Street Run. Running 10 miles and then stuffing your face with comfort food is the way to go.

Once we finally got ourselves together post run, we went into Center City and celebrated our success as well as Cinco de Mayo. Great combo- or maybe bad combo? After drinking for the better part of the afternoon, we ended up at Devil's Alley. Why you ask?
1. Because I brought the gift card out with me
2. It was on the way home
3. I wanted a burger, bad.

Devil's Alley was SO. COOL. It literally had a tree in the middle of the first floor of the restaurant that stretched to the second floor. They also tried to incorporate their "devil" theme into the decorations. The bathroom was in a basement that looked like a basement I used to party at in college, dark, smelly, black & concrete walls...scary.

Food wise, Devil's Alley is all comfort food. They had some variations of healthy meals on their menu, but mostly just good old fashioned burgers & fries. Running Broad Street plus the pitcher of margaritas pre-meal, gave me the push to get whatever the hell I wanted regardless of calories. So, clearly, we started with nachos. Amazing. I love when guacamole is included on the nachos and not an extra charge. It's the little things.

 I went with the Bacon, Guacamole, & Cheddar burger. I thooouuughhht about the veggie burger, or the grilled shrimp salad, but nope went with my gut (which is sticking out a few extra inches today, by the way). The burger two words..worth it. Juicy, cooked to a perfect medium rare. The burger came with hand cut fries that make me salivate on the spot. They slightly reminded me of Ocean City boardwalk fries- but better. Well in the moment they were better.

Brendan got the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, which luckily he let me try. Fried chicken with blue cheese, bacon, cheddar, & buffalo sauce. We were not messing around. The buffalo chicken sandwich was pretty perfect, not just a slab of chicken with buffalo sauce thrown on top, but everything was evenly mixed in.

Welp, if I didn't drink back my calories earlier that day, Devil's Alley took care of it. I really want to go back here because as I am writing this blog and looking back on the menu, I noticed the Walnut Breaded Chicken Tenders. Why did I not get them? They sound delicious and may be my sole reason for returning. That and the fact that 2 beers, 2 sandwiches, 1 app was $47. So reasonably priced, no excuse not to return! Just need to give my body a few months to get back to normal.

45 still to go - is that a joke?!

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